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Bill Bean

Lead Investigator of Chasing Shadows Paranormal

Bill Bean - Author, Lecturer and Media PersonalityBill Bean was born on July 29, 1966 to his parents William and Patricia Bean. Bill was 4 years old when the family moved into the Glen Burnie home. His first memories of the house were not pleasant ones, and paranormal/supernatural activity began to happen not long after moving in. The occurrences began with a feeling of presence and a door slamming shut by Itself. The dark forces gradually escalated their torment into violent physical attacks on Bill and some of the other family members.

His only outlet from the torment and terror that was taking place in the house, was his participation in sports. Bill had lofty aspirations of becoming a Major League baseball player, an NFL football player or a professional wrestler. His childhood role models were Brooks Robinson, Johnny Unitas and Bruno Sammartino. Those dreams were dashed after his father left home and later having to deal with the tragic and untimely deaths of his beloved mother and grandmother.

After suffering those tragedies and several others, his life was forever changed. Bill lived in a world of darkness for many years, battling demonic oppression, even witnessing a demonic possession of a loved one. Having lived on the edge for many years , Bill had been in many life threatening situations and actually welcomed death to end his pain. Then a gradual transformation began to take place in his life, as he was seeking to come closer to GOD through the example set by Jesus Christ. In December of 2008, Bill and his lovely wife Linda decided to make GOD first in their life and they have been very blessed ever since.

Another amazing part of Bill's journey is that he has ministered to and helped to free many from the same darkness that he was bound in. Bill has stated that he believes GOD called him to help people in this way. He also believes that he could not be where he is today, had he not gone through all of those horrible things. Bill has been through hell and back during the course of his lifetime, having experienced the devastating loss of his parents, who along with other family members had suffered untimely deaths. He has endured many attacks from demonic forces over the years as well. Although these experiences nearly destroyed him, Bill believes that GOD had a plan for him to become the witness, warrior and humble servant that he is today. He often receives messages and prayer request from around the world.

Bill is a tremendously gifted speaker, who always makes an instant connection with the audience. He never fails to leave them both inspired and uplifted. He begins most of his lectures by showing the Discovery Channel episode that he starred in. The episode is 49 minutes long. An audience Q&A follows and then a book signing.